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Vegetable Garden: Twice life size vegetables made of stretch jersey and other materials, first use was as a woman's magazine craft project, then used as magazine cover, than as a jigsaw puzzle.

Detail: Red Cabbage resembling Big Mama Thornton.


Fish Snapping at a Mayfly: This larger than life crappie, swimming in a plexiglass wave, was used as an advert for a sporting magazine.

Close-up of fish from the front, looking wicked

Closeup of mayfly.



Flea: 18" tall bug used as advert for a flea collar : "Thousands of fleas have died to prove that --------- is the most effective flea collar in the world. Weeping flea bids farewell to his deceased relatives, and prepares to flee, his hastily packed suitcase bearing the names of all the pets he has lived on.


Smoking Salmon: display advertising the January specialty of the Oyster Bar

Mollusk Wreath: Christmas wreath decorated with anthropomorphic mussels, oysters, and clams.



Baby Dragon: 18" tall mascot for the Children's division of Book of the Month Club.


Cupid in 20th Century: Life size baby warrior with modern weapons, including heart shaped grenades, a heart shaped bayonet, and silver combat booties.




UNICEF children: life size embraceable and interactive children of various ages and races, done for an exhibit on the Rights of the Child. Details: faces of two of the children




Fat and Thin Families: 1/2 life size families done as an advert for General Foods. The caption read: Are You Just a Little Bit Fat? Is Your Family? Advert encouraged readers to eat moderately and choose more healthful foods.



Magistrate: This group of pictures are of a series of life size soft sculpture bas relief's in large decorative frames, with doors that open. The Magistrate sits in front of portrait of himself as a boy. Detail close-up of face.




Dragoon: French old-fashioned officer, with a face which changes as the light in the room and the position of the viewer change.

General: Imaginary portrait of huffy old "stuffed shirt" type, humorous takeoff of all the grim military leaders in history.


The Mayor's Wife: Hortense, a benevolent but bossy HermioneGingold-like lady.

Whaler Captain: Ancient mariner with world map, spyglass, and many seagoing tales.



Grandmother, Grandfather with Baby Granddaughter: pair of life size bas relief's. Grandmother was the first of these bas relief's, a grim old bird and exactly the opposite from her warm-hearted husband.




Happy Hands: Life sized hands made as advert for a fabric finishing company. The finish of a fabric is called its hand, hence the imagery.


Happy Feet: Life sized feet, little athletes done as advert for athletic shoes, caption read: I live in my Reeboks.



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