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Happy Birthday, New York, 1976: done for a TV ad for the bicentennial celebration, about 3' tall.

Capitol Building with Rain of (inflationary) money: Newsweek cover on inflation worries. 20" tall.


Statue of Liberty Arm with Digital Watch: Life size arm, cast in plaster composition and re-sculpted to resemble the real Lady Liberty's hand and arm. Torch is turned and carved wood, the whole done for a Business Week cover story on the return of the digital watch industry to the United States.

World on a Light Bulb: Ad for United Technologies describing their part in building infrastructure in developing countries. 28" tall.


CEO of Prudential Life as a Piece of the Rock: Mt. Rushmore style, face was carved of wood, and set into the Rock of Gibralter, made of wood and plaster-like composition material, carved like rocks.



Yankee Stadium model: paper model whose parts you can pop out, glue together, and build from a kit, About 28" across. We still have some for sale, by the way.



Victorian Mansion: Spec. model for a kit model, to be popped out, glued together and built. about 32" long.





Hong Kong Skyline: made of Chinese Money: paper sculpture model about 3' tong, done for magazine spread.



Gingerbread Castle: food sculpture made of honey cake, icing, and candy,2 1/2' long, for women's magazine, Christmas edition.

Gingerbread Mansion: food sculpture of gingerbread slabs, icing, peppermints etc. 20" tall, for women's magazine, Christmas edition.



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