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Adam and Eve: This quilt has two positions, one where the two first humans are completely nude, in a state of innocence before eating the apple, and one, the one shown here, where they have eaten, and realize they should cover up a bit. The monkeys are warning them, too late. 6' tall.

Peaceable Kingdom: Based on the Bible quote about the lion lying down with the lamb, this salute to Edward Hicks' paintings on this subject is 6 1/2' tall



Home, Sweet Home in Four Season: a little house and landscape, changing colors with the seasons.

Garlands, Four Seasons: Symbols of spring, summer, fall and winter in seasonal garlands, within decorative borders.


Fantastic Landscape with Imaginary Animals: idea based on animals painted by my father to decorate my nursery when I was a baby; he got them from a Russian fairy tale book. 5' long. Stories for Free Children: Quilt used as cover for a modern storybook. 7' tall.




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